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Welcome to Elation Sports Technologies! Our mission is to bring value to you by offering innovative sporting goods, products, and solutions. Whether you are an individual, club, team, or business, Elation Sports Technologies is here to provide you with right tools to maximize the enjoyment and effectiveness of your endeavors!

In our name, Elation refers the delight we derive from our passion for purpose-driven design, which we strive to relay to you. Our penguin mascot reflects the stalwart nature of this unique bird who, despite subjection to nature's harshest conditions, perseveres. We treat people right, we get the job done, and we don't complain.


A collegiate rower and cyclist (and hobbyist runner), Austin Allen brings 9 years of professional engineering experience to Elation Sports Technologies. Combining a love for both precision engineering, as well as for fitness and recreation, Austin's calling is to help our customers self-actualize through our unique and innovative products.

Couple of Penguins
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