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  • Are your telescoping couplings weather resistant?
    Yes they are! The coupling and inner sleeve are made from a UV-resistant plastic blend. Without UV material stability, sunlight can degrade the toughness of plastic, leading to material failure.
  • What are the threads on your telescoping couplings?
    The threads are Unified Thread Standard (UTS) 10-32.
  • What is the maximum load your telescoping coupling can support?
    This is a tough question, because it depends on your project's application. For example, will the telescoping pole be vertically or horizontally oriented, or positioned at another angle? The length of the portions of the telescoping pole also add additional weight which will be carried by the coupling assembly. There are simply too many case-dependent variables to address this question. When designing your project, we can only advise that you use caution, and test your intended application before using it in a mission-critical setup. Our products are not designed or intended for carrying human weight.
  • What are the dimensions of your telescoping couplings?
    Please check the product description for this information.
  • Can I make a return?
    Please see our shipping and returns section for information on returns.
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