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Consulting Services

The team at Elation Sports Technologies is available for mechanical and electrical engineering consulting for your business! We work with established businesses, scrappy startups, and entrepreneurial individuals - we offer the following services and more:

3D Manufacturing Printer

3D Printing

We possess 3 x 3D printers to quickly test and iterate on your product idea.

Electronic Circuit

PCB Design

We design printed circuit boards from schematic to component layout, and additionally assemble PCB prototypes.

Hardware Tools


Prototypes often include Arduino or other microcontrollers, and prove the functionality of the envisioned product or system.

Rubber Processing

Design for Injection Molding

Special considerations must be made when moving from small-run to large-run, low-cost plastic manufacturing.

X Ray 3D Printer

3D Modeling/CAD

We create STEP and STL files as well as renders for modeled components and assemblies.

Mechanical Engineer's Sketch

2D Engineering & Patent Drawings

Mechanical component and assembly drawings are needed to communicate specifications to a manufacturer.

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