DIY Jumbo Telescoping Light Writer Made from EMT Conduit

Light painting photography (light writing) is performed by taking a long-exposure photograph, holding the camera still and moving a light source while the camera aperture is open. When the picture is finished processing, the trails of light will appear to be frozen in the photograph! This can be used to create all kinds of unique photo effects, write text, and draw 2D or 3D objects!

Electrical metallic tubing (EMT) conduit can be outfitted with some simple electronics and a red-green-blue (RGB) light-emitting diode (LED) to create colorful paintings of light, where the EMT conduit is used as a low-cost telescoping pole. Two telescoping couplings from Elation Sports Technologies are used to connect three 5-foot long pieces of EMT conduit of sizes 1/2", 3/4", and 1". This creates a jumbo-sized multicolor light writing tool with an extended length of nearly 15 feet!